Each model is designed to be worn barefoot in order to honor movement and freedom.

Our desire is to offer bare shoes for those who refuse the constraint of models that are too closed.

An "easy" fit and a perfect balance between comfort and style, because we are convinced that the best pair of shoes is the one you will never want to leave from morning until night.


Lovers of freedom and comfort, our mission is to offer models that give the smile by embodying a relaxed lifestyle with an added touch of chic in order to provide the legs with the comfort they deserve to travel miles from the office. to the beaches of Rio.

Designed in France in Paris , each product is carefully crafted in our workshops in Portugal and combines durability, purity and sophistication.

Sandals and barefoot

Because walking barefoot is a feeling of absolute freedom!

We consider barefoot a must .

More chic than a trainer, more comfortable than a pump, less boring than a ballerina, more flex than a moccasin, more feel good than any shoe!

"Like many city dwellers, I always run everywhere and I walk a lot, so I wanted to create shoes made for cities: those where we live, those we visit, those that inspire us, those that make us dream..."