The history of NUJOU is closely linked to Camille's passion for authentic, natural and sensory materials such as leather: "I like its touch, its quality, its smell, the emotion it transmits".

Her desire for travel and escape pushes her to imagine shoes that accompany each of her movements "I like to walk, to get lost, to inspire myself, to feel free, to discover new horizons and go on a adventure whether in Paris where I live or in my travels”.

Feeling well shod conveys a form of positivity and helps to feel strong and ready to face the day, I wanted to think of the shoe as an object that goes with the body and marries the foot with chic and simplicity .

After being trained at the Higher Institute of Applied Arts, Camille began her career as a stylist through various structures: trend office, luxury house, ready-to-wear brand. The abundance of collections and the lack of transparency in the textile industry push her to want to create something else, an identity closer to her values.

It was then that she decided to create NUJOU with a very specific idea in mind: to offer chic and relaxed urban shoes in favor of a more sustainable fashion to satisfy our desire to escape on a daily basis.