The leather

The leather comes from skins from waste from the food industry, which makes it a sustainable material based on the revaluation of a natural material .

Choosing leather also means guaranteeing a product that will last over time and therefore is part of a logic of sustainability .

Fashion must remain desirable but not disposable, we like to imagine pieces that we want to take care of to make them last.

We work with leather from European tanneries and certified Leather Working Group (LWG)* and upcycled leather from end of stock in order to use what has already been produced.

The LWG label

*The LWG is a group that brings together the various players in the leather industry which aims to achieve different objectives for sustainable and responsible leather production (restrictions of harmful and dangerous substances, energy consumption, water use, pollution, waste management, wastewater treatment, etc.)

natural leather

Leather is also a sensory material, an authentic synonym of quality.

Our models are designed to be worn barefoot and require the use of materials that will take care of the foot.

  • Upcycled leather

    It comes from existing stocks in order to reuse what has already been produced, our leathers are used for our sandals and come from a tannery located in Portugal south of Porto.

  • Chrome-free leather

    More environmentally friendly in their tanning process, our chrome free leathers come from a tannery located in northern Italy.


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